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Labelling Solutions

Brother's ever increasing portfolio of labelling

machines can be used to cater to your business



Download SDKs

P-touch Editor

P-touch Editor software is powerful but yet very easy to use. Make bar-code labels or other specialty labels one at a time or multiple pieces in a batch. P-touch Editor is included free with Brother PC labelling machines.

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Add the benefits of P-touch label printing directly from within your own existing software, or create your own totally customised labelling applications. By using the b-PAC SDK, your labels can contain any combination of text, barcodes, images and logos.

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ESC/P allows developers the power to create print data using simple commands that control the position and layout. ESC/P requires more coding than Template printing but it means you do not have to configure a printer first before deploying it.

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Template printing

Template printing is an easy way to add printing support to a custom application. Developers simply design a layout in our free P-Touch Editor software and transfer it to the mobile printer. In the custom application simple commands are used to add information to the layout and then print it. 

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Distributed Label Printing

When printing a large number of labels, printing can be distributed among multiple printers. Since printing is performed at the same time, the total printing time can be reduced.

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Standalone Solution

Some solutions require printing in areas where there is no PC access. You can use some Brother labelling machines directly with barcode readers, scales and other equipment without needing a PC.

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