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Android Print SDK

Our SDK enables you to create your own custom print jobs and change device settings with a minimal of coding effort. Print jobs can be submitted as .JPG, RAW format and in Android 5 or later .PDF. Communication is taken care of by the SDK leaving you to focus on the parts your app does best.




Free Android Print Application Sample

Our SDK comes with a royalty free sample print application with full source code which you can tailor for your own needs. Keep the functions you need and customise the colours to quickly make a printing application for your solution.




Simplify Printing Using Templates

Using our P-Touch Template technology you can create the exact printout that you want using our free P-Touch Editor Software.  It offers the following possibilities:

- Set specific printable areas
- Configure typefaces and font sizes
- Add pre-determined text / images, such as company logos
- A variety of industry standard barcodes, 2D & QR codes

Once you have designed and uploaded the template to your printer, it's just a case of sending simple commands to add the variable data to your printout.

Templates also make it easier to change the look and feel of the print out after your app has been deployed. Just change the template in the printer - no need to recode and rebuild your app.




Choose Eclipse or Android Studio

Our continually updated SDKs support Android Studio and  Eclipse 3.5 or later.  Both SDKs have all the necessary commands and library files needed by them in order to integrate our print devices.





Real time device status

Give your App additional intelligence to notify the user when their Brother printing device requires attention.  Our extensive libraries have the capabilities to correctly interpret devices status messages and have them relayed back to the user in a language they understand.  All of this is done in real time, meaning the user can be notified immediately.






What's included?

As well as the standard library files, we also provide you with a sample app with source code you can re-use in your own apps, ideal if you are beginner to our SDK's, along with a reference document.





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